When there’s not enough space for laptop or smartphone, 2 methods will be pop-up in most people’s mind. External hard drive and Cloud storage ( I’m sorry if you have other methods in your mind 🙂 ) Some people use external hard drives and others are using cloud storages. As for me, I use both external hard drive and cloud storage.

A few years ago, external hard drives were more popular than Cloud storages because the capacity of cloud storage was limited. However, now the situation has flipped. More and more smart devices are available which can’t be connected to the external hard drive. Also, the capacity and features of cloud storage are improving exponentially.

“Are you saying that the cloud storage is better than external hard drives?”

Actually no, not exactly. I’d like to compare the external hard drive and cloud storage both fairly and objectively.

Storage size? There’s No question about it.

Recently, a 10TB helium-based hard drive was released. 10 terabytes! As for the storage size, the external hard drive is far more superior than cloud storage. To use capacity as much as the external hard drive, the cost of cloud storage can be relatively expensive.

Cloud storage is best to store small size files such as documents and pictures. On the other hand, the external hard drive is certainly efficient in storing big files.

Different work productivity

When it comes to save small files or share it externally, cloud storage outshines external hard drive. You can possibly maximize the work efficiency with optimized features from cloud storage. For example, DirectCloud-Box is optimized for enterprises in particular. You can share your files securely with Link feature and check the files directly with Online viewer feature.

Meanwhile, the External hard drive is better for editing or creating files rather than sharing. For video and graphics related works where the size of the file is over Gigabyte in most of the time, are more efficient to use the external hard drive to save and edit the files.

Cloud storage helps you to store your file securely

The main risk with external hard drives is that you can easily lose it. Also, you might not able to use the data if you get hit by malicious software like Ransomware.

However, cloud storage has more practical advantages. It is safe because the data is saved systematically.

I’m no one to judge but as a consumer and user who use both external hard drive and cloud storage, they both have different features and advantages. I hope this helps you if you are the person who struggles between these two storages. 🙂


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