Last year, Xiaomi unveiled one product to keep everyone cool in summer. The upgraded USB fan? No. It’s a smart air conditioner. It’s a quite self-explanatory series of home appliance including the air purifier and TV.

This smart air conditioner automatically optimizes temperature and humidity levels. Also, this smart AC can sync with the Miband. So when you enter the room wearing the Miband, the AC will automatically switch on. Moreover, the smart AC automatically changes to “Bad time mode” when the person falls asleep, and keep switches the mode according to the person’s sleep pattern.

The connection between air conditioner, smartphone, and wearable devices is what we call “The Internet of things (IoT).”

The Internet of things?

The internet of things, also known as IoT is the network connection of objects that enable to collect and exchange data.

Our smartphone, iPad, iPod, and the car are connected to various networks such as Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth to create, gather, and share the information to use it with applications.

For examples, Thermostat from Google’s Nest detects the user’s pattern and collect the data to provide best internal temperature. Even if the house is not connected to the internet, you can control the house temperature by PC or smartphone application.

Hold on for a minute! As “Things” collect the data from sensors, data will be stored and stored to become a big data. Those huge piles of data need a space to be saved and the computer to be managed or analyzed. However, most companies are not capable of adopting the solution because it costs a lot. But no worries. The new technology which connects between IoT and Cloud platform called CoT (Cloud of Things) is receiving many attentions. Cloud reduces the cost and time to build infrastructure and platform for IoT service, which allows you to invest resources in business to provide better services.

IoT is already changing how we live and work. Other than the temperature control, it can do the laundry before you arrive or tell you which vegetables need to be filled in the refrigerator. At work, you can grant a permission to access or share tasks.  In the closing hour, it detects whether a person is present or not to turn off the lights and AC. We can’t imagine how IoT will change the world! Cloud and IoT, We look forward to seeing how this combination will create a better future with unprecedented.



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