Cloud is one of major talk of the town in IT filed. It always stays with us even in an unexpected situation. There are many cloud services which are being adopted by companies or individuals and the idea of the cloud is being spread from storage to computing. When and how did the cloud technology start?

The first milestones in cloud service

In 1965, John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, opined that

“Computing may someday be organized as a public utility.”

This notion of the computing resource is being unlimited from personal and physical use brought the basic concept of Cloud service today. In 1995, a company called General Magic created an alliance with many telecommunication companies including AT&T and Motorola and started Cloud computing system with Magic Cap company’s OS. However, the service failed due to lack of hardware and telecom technology. Also, the market was undeveloped and the idea of cloud computing was unaccustomed to people.

The golden age of Cloud
The term ‘Cloud’ was known since the late 2000s. In 2006, Christophe Bisciglia proposed this term to Eric Emerson Schmidt when he worked for Google as an engineer. Bisciglia emphasized on how cloud computing will reduce the resources for IT infrastructure and allows companies to focus on their core businesses. Amazon launched AWS (Amazon Web Service) followed by Google, so does Microsoft with web service including SaaS (Software as a Service) in their software. Today, Microsoft provides cloud computing service called Azure.

As cloud technology is being widely phased, it’s important to check which one suits best to you or your company.


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