JM File manager is the most effective app for organizing your files.

With JM File manager, you can manage all files and folders stored on your device and SD card.

**Key features
Internal storage: Manage all files and folders from your internal storage.
SD Card: You can manage your files and folders from the SD card.
Favorites: Add your frequently used files to Favorites.

Image: Supports all image files including PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP.
Video: Supports all video files including MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV, and MKV.
Music: Supports all audio files including MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and WMA.
Document: Manage your documents including DOC, XLX, PPT, and PDF.

Download: You can check and manage any downloaded video, image, or audio files.
Recent file: View recently added files.
Large size files: You can collect all large files to delete or move unnecessary files (ex. Duplicate videos and images).

Tags: You can create a tag to easily organize your files.
Large file notification: Receive a notification when files larger than 100MB are added.
File search: Search all files saved on your device.
File share: Share your video, picture, and music file to your friend or via social networks.


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