Dear JM INSTANT users,

I’m very pleased to announce the new updated version of JM INSTANT. This update includes stability and performance improvements.

General stability improvements

We wanted to introduce JM INSTANT as soon as possible (because it’s AWESOME!) and thereby, some bugs and features need to be fixed and improved at some point. In this update, we perfectly resolved the most problems. You’ll be surprised to see how JM INSTANT has been more comfortable and convenient to use, so get yourself ready to meet new updated version of JM INSTANT!

–       Improved download feature

–       Fixed unexpected shutdown

–       Fixed delay in displaying flames

–       Improved sharing feature

Reduced mobile display ad

We can’t just remove all ads because it’s the source for us to make this app more amazing. 🙂 However, we removed ads in download and post page because it’s a hassle!

Changed the arrangement in post grid mode

In order to see more post at once, we changed the grid mode to 3 columns instead of 2 columns. The mind-blowing animation and UX is still the same as previous version.

It’s swipeable now!

In the post linear mode, you can swipe to see more images. You can also see the number of images for a post.

From top to bottom

You deserve to see more than 2 sentences. In post linear mode, you can check all texts from top to bottom.

New download page

The download page is now more simple yet very powerful. The profile picture allows you see who has uploaded a post. Furthermore, you can preview up to 10 images of the downloaded post as a thumbnail.


We’re always working hard to improve JM INSTANT, so make sure to keep your app updated to get the latest and greatest features.

We love to hear your ideas, issues, and comments because your opinion matters to us! Please tell us what you think on our community. We look forward to hearing from you!


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