No one can disagree with the fact that there are certain browsers people use frequently than others. Indeed, those browsers are great. However, just like the famous quote


“you are not designed for everyone to like you.”,


not all browsers are designed for everyone. Some might want to have more features and some might want to remove features.


JM Browser is effective for people who’d like to make his/her own video collection.

There are 4 major reasons why you need to use JM Browser.


Download your watched video with one-touch
– You are ready to download a video simply by accessing website with videos
– Time-filtering feature allows you to skip short video ads
– Auto download resume
– Multi-download allows you to download multiple videos at once


Access a site with one-touch (which is faster than access from your favorites)


Your own reading list
– Any blog posting or news article can be saved in your reading-list
– Contents will be automatically moved to “completed list” after you finish reading them.
– Easy settings


Tab Tab Tab!
– New tab feature allows you to open multiple pages at once


There are beautiful animations and small details that give you delightful experiences.

JM Browser is available for download on Google Play.


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