We celebrated the 23rd Foundation Day of Jiran on August 31, 2017. Jiran company is a joint-stock company with Jmobile. Every year, Jiran operates “Jiran Demo Day” on the foundation day.

Jiran Demo Day is basically an idea contest where everyone can participate and show their ideas. Those ideas will be judged and selected to become an actual product.

For this year, a theme of Jiran Demo Day was “Together JiranFamily Demo Day”. This year wasn’t all about showing ideas. Sharing and introducing business from each family companies has played big role in this year’s Jiran Demo Day.

One unique thing about this event was that the winner of family company gets 3 million dollars by giving good presentation. All Jiran people get 100 J-coin (a fake money to vote) to invest as much as they want, so basically, winner gets most investment.

And the great news is….


Jmobile have won JiranFamily Demo Day contest!

The prize money will be used for making and upgrading our apps, and be supporting your needs.


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