Do you keep track of the numbers of downloaded files? It seems like a minor thing to do, but when it comes to managing your hundreds of thousands of files, it becomes very handy. When it comes to the mobile devices, it becomes more important because the storage is pretty small and limited.

JM Browser’s new feature, Dashboard, allows you to check a status of your downloaded videos.

Go to Download section and you will see the red graph in the top right corner which leads you to the dashboard. In the dashboard, you can check the number of video files you’ve downloaded and the size of files. Also, you can check the total running time of all your downloaded videos.

To check in details, you can go to Today tap to see how many videos you have downloaded just for today. Data for weekly and monthly is also available.

JM Browser is the simplest and effective browser to create your own video collections. You just need to open the pages with video. The video is always ready to be downloaded. More features such as time-filtering feature (which can help you avoid downloading ads), auto-resume downloading, and multi-download feature make JM Browser as the perfect browser to create your video collections.

Download JM Browser now and check out various cool features!


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