2017 is almost over, and here’s some mobile app trends for 2018.

Smartphone and its application are constantly developing. For example, Apple introduced iPhone X which could completely change IOS development trends in it. Let’s take a look at 2018 trends for smartphone applications.


Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology in mobile application will gain new momentum in 2018. Augmented Reality, AR, completely changes our impression of the games and other applications.



This technology permits fortify your protection security system many times.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The voice assistant is now truly a continuation and as a live Assistant. Artificial intelligence will be integrated into all other areas.



Bots will become irreplaceable for you. Also, they will turn the mobile development trends in this industry entirely, and will make it better.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Analysts predict a major change in IoT area. Already available applications that allow you to manage your Arduino or Raspberry Pi from your smartphone, and in 2018 we are waiting for a new loop of mobile app development.


Security & Protection

New and latest trend in security is considered to be blockchain. Together with two-factor authentication and other methods they allow you to dramatically increase the protection of your users, data, and the system a hundredfold.


E- & M-commerce

Mobile payments, crypto-currency wallets, and internet banking have already been rethought. It remains to wait until mid-2018 to look at the results.



According to Statista, penetration of mobile applications in Asia has increased dramatically in 2017. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the first to be used by game developers to impress gamers.

Expect to also meet Jmobile in 2018. We will release many new trendy apps and update old apps to catch up.

Source : http://merehead.com/blog/mobile-app-development-trends-2018/


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