People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but frankly, it is important to nicely cover your book because it basically represents what’s inside. When people download an app, they see the icon, name, contents, review, and so on. There are thousands of similar apps on market and people download those apps to see something really good. However, it only takes few minutes to decide whether they want to use the app or not. This is why designing your app is really important.

Let’s see up-to-date mobile app design trends for 2018 and catch people’s attention.

Minimalism and simple color schemes

When the app has too many design elements, it may cause much-unwanted confusion for the user. Creating a minimalistic design makes the whole experience much easier-just click that button!

“Less is more” rule also pertains to the variety of colors.

Material Design: Young and Innovative

It was 2014 when we first met the concept of Material Design. Nowadays, material Design appears to be the most flexible solution offering light and dark backgrounds. Also, Material Design gives space for creativity and innovations letting designers add more features to the new version.

In-App Gesticulation

It’s too soon to assume designers have used all their creativity in this regard. Gestures seem more exciting than using buttons because of two reasons:

  • Hand-play makes the user experience more real and erases borders between a smartphone and its owner.
  • Gestures make it faster! Deleting a letter within a second is more than possible now.

Functional Animations

Developing user experience, functional animation lets them immerse in the application. The functional animation is especially important when you create a multitasking application.

Onboarding and Offboarding Experience

“Get on board!” – that’s what we’re screaming to our precious users out loud. One of the up-to-date trends is a progressive onboarding experience when the app makes friends with a user outright. Offboarding means saying goodbye in the equally nice way. If you managed to surprise a customer on this stage, be ready to get the word of mouth advertising.

Touch ID

This feature not only saves your nerves but also saves much time you usually spend on long verification processes. And what have we mentioned before? Right, any app should be a real speed master.

Trends somehow reflect people’s everyday needs and behavior. It’s the most basic and fundamental roles of app developers and UI/UX designers to catch the trends in order to make app successful.



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