People wanted to get in on the blockchain bandwagon action towards the end of 2017. We don’t expect 2018 to be any different (Learn more about Blockchain : Many expect that blockchain will make a revolution in the mobile app industry and create opportunities for app developers.

What can blockchain technology do to mobile apps? Blockchain will be built into countless mobile apps, from retail to financial, supply chain, and more. In fact, it’s already happening. IBM, for example, is building a network using blockchain that verifies people’s identities when they use services such as opening new bank accounts or getting driver’s licenses.

IBM isn’t alone. The company Landmapp is developing a service and mobile app that users blockchain to document land titles and land rights. ShelterZoom has built a service and mobile app based on blockchain aimed at streamlining the way real estate offers are made.

Blockchain technology can also be used in a social app by sharing coins that can be used later inside the app, in other apps, or even be exchanged for fiat money. What about games? Sure. An RPG game would like to allow players to communicate and do business transactions such as selling second-hand virtual good, so both the players and the app publisher benefit from this transaction and the retention is being increased.

One way we see mobile app developers looking at blockchain technology is as an alternative to traditional mBaaS systems, especially to solve the unique challenges around HIPAA. Some see it as a way to solve problems on user authentication management.

There’s a lot of buzz and hype around blockchain right now but it’s clear that blockchain has huge momentum right now. Some people believe that a blockchain-based app store could eventually replace Google Play and the App Store as the primary way in which people find mobile apps and pay for them.


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