Recently, Jmobile completed acquisition of Egg Communications for entering new mobile advertising platforms. Egg Communications is a leading advertising agency that has accumulated marketing know-how from consulting experiences with advertisers in various sectors since its establishment in 2011. The company has solutions to maximize the marketing effects of the company, especially through digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social media marketing. The name of the company will be changed to J AD LAB after the acquisition.


Mr. Jason Yoo, Jmobile CEO commented,

“Our acquisition of Egg Communications will expand our ability to enter mobile ad market. We will gather and combine our skills and know-how to develop highly efficient mobile ad platforms.”

Mr. Kyung-Young Lim, J AD Lab CEO said.

” As an advertising agency, this acquisition allows us to become more competent. We will actively explore new areas of advertising with Jmobile.”

Two companies are planning to expand their presence in the mobile advertising market and enter new ad platform business with new technologies such as block chains.


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