We’ve mentioned the latest staggering statistic about the online video before, (https://jmobile.io/things-you-may-not-know-about-online-video-and-streaming-and-hd-video-downloader/) and learn the fact that people watch a lot of videos. Some videos are good and some videos are bad. The new video is being created just a now..and now… and now!

People create and consume videos a lot because they know it’s effective. The video is one of the powerful tools available for engaging an audience – it transports more emotion and allows people to “feel” a product or service. However, watching the video also means that it takes time to watch them. In other words, people don’t want to waste their time!

There are things that you need to consider before you create and post your video. Let’s check out some good ways to practice for the video.

1.Use Auto-mute

The video that automatically plays has many good advantages. It usually grabs people’s attention and made them watch a video unconsciously. However, users don’t like to get surprised by audio content that begins playing without their consent.  Some users really hate this they don’t even try to turn off the audio. They just shut the page down. This usually annoys users.

2.Make a good first impression

Start strong! The beginning of the video is the most important part. Users need to quickly be able to understand what they are watching and see its value, or they will navigate elsewhere. This is the reason why video Ads are trying so hard to grab people’s attention. Also, the thumbnail image of the video also matters. People usually see the thumbnail image before they open and watch the video. Try to make a good image to catch people’s attention!

3. Make every second count

Tip : Keep videos as short as possible

Videos require more of users’ time than an equivalent piece of text, because they don’t support rapid scanning for information. It is not easy to sim video content. In the realm of video content, even a few seconds can feel lengthy to people.

4. Don’t forget about accessibility

Providing content as a video can limit access to the information contained in this format for anyone who cannot see or hear the content. Remember, anyone can become your user or customer. Consider providing power to choose how they’d like to absorb the information.

5. Provide next steps

Think what the user should do at the conclusion of a video. You can make them watch another video or lead them to your website or a service page.

6. Study before you create

It is important to study trends and learn how others create a video. You should watch many related video as possible. However, sometime it is not easy to do that because of the internet connection or in mobile device case, the use of cellular data is excessive. There are many websites and apps to let you download videos. Jmobile’s HD Video Downloader, a video downloader app, can also help you download many reference videos as possible. For Free! Download, study, and create good videos that people love to watch!






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