Global app downloads continue to grow and topped 175 billion downloads in 2017. With growth in emerging markets including China, India, Brazil and Russia, users downloaded 60% more apps in 2017 than in 2015.



Notably, India has now become the second largest country in terms of downloads, passing the U.S. This is a significant change in the worldwide app market over this past year. Downloads grew 215 percent over the past two years in the country, compared with 125% growth in China, and negative 5 percent growth in the U.S. App Annie says the United States, which is a mature market, still have a significant volume of absolute downloads. For example, on average, users downloaded three apps per month, with over 70% of users downloading at least one app per month.

In the contradiction, according to comScore’s 2017 U.S. Mobile Apps Report, a majority of users (51%) still don’t download any apps in a month.


People say they remove apps because they’re just not using them, their interest has waned, their phone needed decluttering, or because they need more storage space.

Related to this, App Annie claims that users aren’t just downloading apps – they’re engaging at record levels, too. In most markets, the average smartphone user has more than 80 apps on their phone, and uses close to 40 of them per month.



The interesting thing is that people spend nearly 3 hours in apps per day on average and this number has grown nearly 30% since 2015. For emerging markets, Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil spend average 200 minutes per day in apps. And for the mature markets, South korea, Japan, and U.S. spend average 180 minutes per day in apps.


App Annie forecasts that a boom in installed devices coupled with increased spend in mature markets will make for a thriving app economy.



In the next five years, including China third-party Android downloads, app downloads will grow from 178.1 billion in 2017 to well over 250 billion downloads in 2022. The download growth will be driven by a dramatic increase in smartphone install base from 3.9 billion in 2017 to 6.1 billion in 2022.



China already stands above the rest of the world in terms of both downloads and consumer spend, and App Annie believes it will continue to be a dominant force in the global app economy. On the other hands, india will be a distant second, the country is forecast to experience massive growth as downloads increase a forecasted 208% in the next five years.

For the next five years, maturing and competitive markets need to encourage new app downloads through product innovation and for emerging markets, high downloads and limited direct spend will make alternate strategies that rely on large user bases more effective.



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