If you have a desktop website, it’s time to build a mobile application, aka application. Why create a mobile app? The world was mobile.

The number of people using mobile phones in mobile phones is increasing daily (instead of Internet in personal computers).

Finally, the number of mobile users will be more than the number of desktop PC users. Most desktop websites do not work on mobile phones, so you need to create a mobile app.

There are 12 reasons why your business has a mobile application:

Most full-size desktop Web sites do not work on a smartphone.

02.) Smartphone users are surprised to see or resize full-size desktop Web site pages.

03.) With an application, smartphones and customers gain immediate access to all important information about a business.

Applications are easier to navigate using the touch screen or the keypad.

05.) Accessing a full-size desktop website on smartphones takes a lot of time to wait for pages to load.

Applications provide more direct access to the information a client needs when they are on the go. Business phone number, working hours, driving directions, menus, maps, sales activities etc.

07.) A large amount of data is required to upload a full-size desktop Web site. Without an unlimited data plan, smartphone users can pay more to access full-size desktop Web site information.

Applications extend the reach of an operator to the mobile Web, providing mobile visitors with a quick and easy way to learn more about an enterprise and communicate with it with a single click or touch.

Small font sizes and images make it harder for mobile to find the information they need to navigate. Most of these visits will leave these sites out of trouble and are unlikely to return. This search will make more searches for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly app.

10.) With an application, mobile visitors save time and money and you can easily convert them to happy, paying customers.

11.) Your customers may be looking for businesses on their smartphones. If your business is not on the mobile Web, your customers will not be able to find you.

12.) Visitors can do your mobile app as follows:

– Call your operator from your application.

– Find your business using Maps.

– Watch a link to your desktop Web site.

– See the days and times you are open to work.

– View pictures or follow links to photo gallery.

– Read an explanation about your business.

– Learn more about your products and / or services.

– View and use the discount coupon.

– Send a message by email or text.

– Talk to your friends about your mobile app.

– Stay informed about sales, special offers or news updates.

– Get automatic updates through your mobile app.

– Your blog, your social network profile page etc. Follow a link.

– View your videos.

– Buy your product or service.

It’s time to move your business to mobile. If you are not going to your cell phone anymore, competition will have a good chance. Contact your customers before you have a chance to reach them first.


Source Charlie Morelli


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