Today, the mobile application industry is becoming so competitive that launching a new application and attracting users’ attention to it becomes very troublesome. One of the many likely reasons for this is today, if you’re visiting the App Store, you’ll find billions and millions of live apps on it. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that if you can not make an impressive entry, it’s hard to attract users’ attention. One of the latest trends, thanks to which your application is well known to users, is making its video promo available on various social platforms and making it viral. Wondering how it will help you? Read on to learn more about it.

Promotional video with 30 seconds

There is no doubt that today 30-second video is quite popular on almost every available social media platform. It can not be denied that nothing has more impact than visual effects. Therefore, it is extremely important to make the video in such an intriguing way that it can easily attract users’ attention at a glance. When this promotional video becomes a hit on various social media platforms, there is a good chance that your application will gain users’ attention when you launch it in the store.

Glorious involvement of the audience

The main advantage of such a short and precise promotional material is that it can keep viewers to the end. In this very short time viewers are all, so you can convince them that your application has the ability to meet the requirements of users. The first appearance of the application is important. Therefore, it is advisable to present a comprehensive and interesting view of the application in a few moments that may trigger a thrill among viewers.

Help in search rankings

Of course, getting an innovative mobile application for your company is a wise and profit-based decision. However, it is not as simple as it seems theoretically. Your work does not end at the very development of the application. To get a fruitful business result, you must also work on search rankings. According to the survey, which has returned a bit, more than 76% of entrepreneurs and marketers understand the importance of this viral video concept. Go well and get to know the requirements of the search engine and make promotional videos of the mobile application, remembering about these aspects. This would definitely increase the search rankings of the created application.

Thus, such promotional videos of your mobile application will not only attract the attention of a huge part of the target market, but also help you achieve a profitable business.


Source by Rob Stephen


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