The e-Vibe iPhone wallet case is very convenient because of the basic items that you can store in one place. No more rummaging in your pockets to find 5 or 6 different items that you usually wear. The ability to store keys, iPhone, iPhone accessories, loose changes, etc. In the same place is very important. Here’s how to get the most out of your case.

1. The first step is opening the iPhone wallet. Inside the case there are many places where you can store different items.

2. Get credit and ID cards and place them in the designated ID and credit card holders. You can fasten these cards in the case to ensure safe protection. You do not have to worry about credit cards falling out of your inbox, but you can not say the same about traditional wallets.

3. Place the changes and bills in the designated parts of the iPhone case. The banknote pocket is designed to keep your notes in a safe place, and the zippered coin pouch will ensure you do not fall down with loss to the ground.

4. Store any Bluetooth accessories or other additional items in the outer pocket of the quick access case. This pocket is also great to fully secure any other items you can have. I know that women could wear jewelry or make-up in this room.

5. Place your iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile phone in the universal device compartment on the outside of the iPhone wallet. It’s great that it ensures the security of your phone, while allowing easy access to your phone.

6. Enjoy the freedom of not having 5 or 6 different items in your pockets that burden you!

Source : Scott L Quarterman


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