If you are a good-looking gal, perhaps you have an old boyfriend who won’t leave you alone. And maybe that’s the reason that “How to Dump Your Boyfriend” ended up on the New York Times bestseller’s list. Now then, with all these new iPhone apps, and all of your new friends on Facebook, it just so happens that there are ways that some of your friends may be able to track where you are, and where you go, perhaps even use that information to guestimate where you will go in the future as well. That’s a scary thought, especially if you have a crazy ex-boyfriend.

Well, the other day, I was browsing around the Apple AppStore for special Apps for Women Only and I noticed a new app which allows you to fake your location and your GPS coordinates. This way if anyone is trying to track you using your other apps, or information that you’ve left on your Facebook page, and you don’t want them to know where you are, you can simply turn on this other app, and it will show you at a location which you aren’t. This might be a good way to protect yourself from crazy ex-boyfriend’s, and save you the hassle from filing a restraining order.

If you are a paranoid individual, male or female, perhaps you are worried about all these smart phone tracking applications, perhaps you don’t want anyone to know where you are, and you’d like a little peace and quiet and privacy. You don’t want your friends to know where you are, and you don’t want to explain to them why you are there, or why you didn’t invite them, and you just don’t want to have any personal contacts. Well, in that case you can see why this would be such a good app for you to download.

Of course, if you get into any type of a problem, where you want people to know where you are, you would have to turn it off before it would start displaying your actual location. And anyone at the cell phone company, or the police would probably be able to see your actual location. But if you are a famous actress, it will certainly trip up the paparazzi trying to find you.

You have to admit this is a good use of personal technology to prevent crazy maniac stalkers, and estranged ex boyfriends, lovers, or spouses from following you, tracking you, or trying to get back together with you after you’ve made it clear you were don’t want anything to do with them. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow


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