Google’s Android has revolutionized the mobile app market. For some time it seemed that the iPhone would dominate the smartphone market, but the rapidly rising popularity of the Android operating system changed the game. Programmers and developers like Android because it makes it easier to develop dynamic and groundbreaking applications. Professional android application developers love the fact that the Android operating system is free, open source software.

Android application development has grown rapidly in the mobile application development market because it offers what mobile users want. This platform is perfect for developing rich, feature-rich, fast, dynamic, attractive and efficient applications. As a result, several people prefer Android app development.

Offshore Android Development: When and Why?

If you decide to develop an app for Android and you do not have the skills and power to develop Android, you need to have another one to do so. If the person you hire does not do a good job, your practice is doomed to uncertainty.

Also, an experienced professional android application developer can prove that it can be very costly. If you do not have a deep pocket, you can not overlook the cost advantage of outsourcing your progeny. When you use the project outsourcing, you can find a self-employed person or rent a professional application from a software development company.

‘Freelancer’ and ‘Hired Developer’: What do these words really mean in Android Application Development?

A number of freelancers send their profiles to different sites that help freelancers connect with potential employers. Many of these freelancers are professional developers in full-time jobs; whereas a few of the professors were created by intermediaries who took projects and passed on to developers for a commission.

A leased developer is someone who works as a full time developer in a software development company (usually an offshore location). You pay a certain amount to the company for a certain period or for a specific project, and you “rent” the developer’s services. The company undertakes the responsibility of the project and pledges to provide infrastructure and technical support to the leased developer.

Pros and Cons: Freelancer and Leased Developers for Android App Development

If you choose a freelancer for your Android application development project, you can expect a lifetime to finish the project. The problem is that if you do not know anything about freelancers, and if you do not have a legal agreement, there is not much you can do if freelancer delays your project indefinitely.

Also, it is not easy to find freelancers for Android development, because this development area is not as popular as the iPhone developer in the open seas. However, you can be lucky and find a private self-employed: In this case, you can do good work cheap dirt for dirt.

As long as you entrust your Android development work to a professional developer from a well-known company, you do not have to worry about quality or on-time delivery. While this approach provides quality improvement, it costs a little more than it is free.

Then what should he do?

The free Android app development process is a very risky venture, but if you are a well-known self-employed who have worked for your friends or acquaintances before, you will be hit gold. However, if you want security and penance for your Android application development projects to be timely and cost-effective, it’s a good idea to hire an application developer from a well-known mobile development company.


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