If you have a smart phone, you probably like to find great applications to play. But if you bought an iPhone or iPod touch, you probably did not have much money to buy the apps.

There is less emotion than chance to discover something that is fun, easy to use, and free. 5-0 Radio is a free application that is very close to presenting this trifecta. Developed by the new and popular, the app turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a police scanner. Depending on your personality, this will lead to hours or minutes of good times.

5-0 Radio user interface is clean and simple. A list of menus offers the option of browsing the browser’s broadcasts from police stations nationwide. Users can browse the top 100 police feeds (from major cities), add your own nutrition, or even search the internet if you can not find a feed from a nearby police department.

After selecting a station, 5-0 Radio offers a set of other options that will help users listen to the fuzz. The most useful element in the menu is a code and jargon dictionary used by emergency response teams and police officers. This little addition is really useful because the average user helps the police keep track of what’s going on in the browser, even if they do not know what’s going on.

The quality of police scanner feeds is another area where 5-0 Radio is superior. When I tested it in my local station, the sound source came in crystal clearness.

5-0 The biggest weakness of the radio is that it has nothing to do with practice. This issue. After a while, most police calls are just boring. This is not a “COPS” section. Raw, unprepared cop feed. For small towns, this is to wait for something to happen, to have a couple of cat’s hanging around, and perhaps a call about some “punk kids” down the road to the grumpy old neighbor. Most listeners will lose their speed very quickly.

Police scanners will enjoy 5-0 Radyo and listen for hours. (Do not forget to plug your device into a power source, so do not kill the battery.)

Listeners who can not find enough movement in their home town can also arrange a number of police feeds in the United States.

The other disadvantage of 5-0 Radio requires a WiFi connection. Since IPhone and iPod touch do not have a built-in radio transmitter, the application works by accessing the available Internet feeds from the sites broadcasted via ‘net’. 5-0 Radio does not work with 3G network.

They also have a paid version of 5-0 Radio for $ 0.99. Premium version adds a music browser to allow users to listen to the radio calls over the internet.

Whether you get the free version or shell out $ 0.99 to go premium, the 5-0 Radio grocery store is an interesting application that offers something new while listening while you wait.

Source Neal Adam Hamou


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