Maybe you travel frequently and want to answer your cell without worrying about making crazy international payments on your original data plan.

Whatever the case may be, you can buy a phone that can carry two SIM cards if you find that you need two satellites, but do not want to keep a record of two phones (or if you do not want to pay for another phone). Be something to think about. Benefits and disadvantages of having a dual SIM cell.

ADVANTAGE: You can expand your network. If you have two SIM cards after two different networks, you are hardly looking at the coverage area. If you live in an area without network coverage or if you enjoy traveling to remote locations, this is great for those who hate to cancel calls – and who does not want to? This is also good in emergencies when you need to make a call right away.

DISADVANTAGE: Battery life can be shortened. Newer phones have relieved most of these problems, but the model can be particularly affected by more than three years.

In addition, there are a number of different SIM capabilities that need to be kept in mind – the more active your second SIM card is, the more battery you consume. A standard pair SIM consumes the least amount of battery, and every SIM is completely disabled until you choose to manually change your SIM cards. The dual standby will keep a SIM active while in use and the other will be ready to work. Dual activation allows both cards to operate at the same time, so it will consume the most power, especially if one card can connect to a network, but the other card is stuck in the call.

ADVANTAGE: Flexibility of two plans, one’s logistics. It’s hard enough to keep track of both your phone and your keys – who wants to add a second phone to the equation? Even a phone with dual active SIMs has the flexibility of receiving a call from one network and the ability to call someone without using the second card at the same time and to wait when necessary. Also, if you are currently using your personal business for business and need to show your usage on your bill, it’s no longer a problem. Your second SIM means you get two completely separate invoices.

DISADVANTAGE: You can have to take it. Dual SIM phones are mostly produced in overseas countries such as China, because this is becoming popular. Some can be used by Motorola and Lenovo, but most of them do not get the same support as their foreign counterparts. If you are not considering buying a foreigner, remember that you can continue to receive additional costs from shipping and / or import taxes.

ADVANTAGE: Less trouble when using your phone overseas. Do not worry about how many minutes you have in your international data plan. If you have an open secondary, go to a store in every country where you live and buy a local prepaid SIM card. Without a monthly fee or contract, you can use the amount of data you purchase, the duration and message of your call, and you can make more use of any mobile phone store after using your local plan. Make sure you are trying to buy a SIM card from a major operator in this country, so you have a good coverage.

Source : Sheena Williams


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