Compared to other phones alleged to offer similar features and technical features, the iPhone can be overpriced. Although these brands offer comparative technical features like the iPhone, they are modest and unstable. Apple devices are planned and packaged with the best and latest features, and will not go out of fashion in the near future.

IPhone 6S likewise draws attention from the general public, who are in the queue to buy these products. So what makes the iPhone 6S extraordinary?


The exterior design of the IPhone 6S is identical to that of the iPhone 6, but the hardware used in the camera is the latest and greatest. The new device was made entirely of new material and updated with major technologies such as the ‘Apple’ vibration motor and touchscreen.


Made from 7000 Series alloy aluminum, the iPhone 6s is more robust and durable than the 6000 series used on previous generations of iPhones.

Apple has restructured this model with more powerful glass. Another important change is that Gold Gold is offered with the classic, gold, space gray and silver color options of aluminum coating.

Superior screen and excellent screen

The IPhone 6S is accompanied by a 4.7-inch screen size, which is the ideal size for a single operation. The windshield is made from the strongest glass IonX currently available. The advanced retina display based on IPS technology offers a visual treatment for your eyes.

Updated camera

The IPhone 6S has 12 MP back and top quality 5 MP front camera. The camera on the IPhone 6S will definitely change your approach to photography. Regarding the videos, the iPhone 6S has the ability to capture 4K recordings – which will undoubtedly cover every minute of the minute with the most precise items.

Technical details

Storage Capacity: 16, 64, 128GB

Battery: Li-Ion has a 1715 mAh battery.

The device also has extra features like Calculator, Audio Input, Clock, Reminders, Notes, Calendar, Wallet, Photos. In Kuta, there will be a Handset, USB Power Adapter, USB Cable, Mic and Remote Controlled Apple Earpods.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for phone and accessories.

The release date for the Apple iPhone 6S in India is September 2015. In India, online stores offer competitive pricing for the iPhone 6S and are recommended to purchase through online stores. The price of the Apple iPhone 6s in India is around Rs.57000.00.

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