Many companies are often somewhat surprised by how long it takes to develop an application from start to finish. The applications are run on mobile phones and usually do not require much memory, but they still spend a lot of time planning, designing, developing and launching. While it often takes so long to develop as a complete software application or website, most applications usually take at least two to three months to evolve from start to finish.

Typical iPhone Application Development Timeline

Architecture and Planning – 2.5-3 Weeks: At this stage of the project, all aspects of the application are considered. Beyond a simple idea of ​​what the application should do and how it should look, what other resources are needed? Does the app need to connect to the external database? Content it or draw? The entire application is mapped from start to finish. More developmental progress can be made in terms of mapping content and functionality in the planning phase, and the rest of the development process will become smoother. We estimate that it will take 2.5 to 3 weeks for this phase, but the larger the application, the more complicated it will take.

At the end of this phase, a mapped architecture of the application must be a framework for your application and wireframes for your application.

Design Phase – 3 Week: The design phase is where Comps is built to show how the application will look. Color schemes are applied, comp images are placed, and placeholder text is usually used to change the actual content at the beginning of this phase, at the end of this phase, or during the development phase. We work with our customers to understand brand messages and carry them through practice. During the design phase, you should be careful that too many people involved in the design process, especially if you start Design by Design, may slow down the production of the application. This phase should take roughly three weeks, but as I said, it may slow down if the customer does not receive timely feedback.

At the end of the Design Phase, the full design Comps should be developed in the next stage.

Development Stage – 4-8 Weeks:

This part of the project allows you to encode the application correctly by transferring your designs to developers. Navigation, user interaction, database integration, web services and e-commerce platforms are interconnected. Any and all functions are embedded in the application, all coding is performed and the pages are connected properly. The development time may vary considerably depending on the complexity of the application.

At the end of the development phase, you must have the first version of your full working application.

Test Stage – 1-1.5 Week:

The test phase is one of the most important parts of the projects. Some customers want to cut the test phase completely or remove it altogether to save time, and we strongly recommend that they do it. The test phase ensures that the application is working properly, that all databases are tied, that there are no broken links in practice, and that everything works as designed. If an application distribution is imported and does not work, it is caught and rejected by Apple. Even worse, if the app goes through Apple’s approval process and does not work, a few poor reviews can increase your chances of success on the App Store. During the test, we’re testing all the devices that will work with simulators and live devices, including the App, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4.

At the end of the testing phase, everyone should be confident that the application works as expected and that Apple has the best chance of success in passing the approval process.

Distribution Phase – 6-14 Days:

This is the point where the application is sent to Apple and is being approved. While approval times have improved substantially since the launch of the App Store, we tell our customers to wait anywhere between 6 to 14 days for approval of their applications. It is possible to try to speed up your approval, but when we get about 500 applications per day, we see that this rarely happens.

At the end of this phase, you must be a full-fledged application ready to be downloaded from iTunes.

Planning is the Key to Success

This draft is what we see for typical application development. It will take about 2.5 to 3 months from the beginning to the end to develop an iPhone app. While some applications may require more time, others may find it a little faster than this process. We have recently completed an application, but most of the design has been completed and excellent communication has been provided between the customer and the customer.

Keeping open communication between the project managers and the client, continuing with development timelines, and in most cases enabling us to deliver applications on time or earlier.

Source Jon Stroz


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