Mobile applications took almost every field, even personal life. Now businesses want to create applications to keep their operations in check, and even try to deploy customer services and applications.

However, it is not so easy for developers to work on distributed hybrid environments and systems that sport a hybrid infrastructure that includes legacy systems and the latest ones. As the use of smartphones and tablets increases, it is difficult to create applications that are compatible with all platforms and latest versions.

When developers make mistakes that do not solve problems like security and operation monitoring. List what you need to do and what you should not do:

We need to think about different user experiences on every platform. Mobile devices are different from computers. Mobile devices have a huge difference in form factor, along with the various input mechanisms. It will be difficult to just copy an interface for a mobile application. It should be designed to take primary consideration into user experience.

Incorporation of sensors and form factor is important with some breakthrough sensors. From basic features like image redirection or real-time updates to changing locations, applications must be intuitive and intelligent.

When necessary, there are many third-party applications that need to work well with your business application, including social buttons and integration of mapping and traffic information.

Mobile devices are highly personal devices, and therefore every enterprise mobile application needs to empower its users. A well-thought-out application can help boost productivity and even revolutionize a workforce. Every little change helps to make a process more seamless, revealing all the differences.

Always make your application real-time. This means that the implementation must respond in a more functional way. Then, changing circumstances can be addressed based on information that can be included in inventory management, CRM systems, and traffic updates.

Do not create an application because you think you will win it. It is important to identify a problem so that you can design a mobile app to solve the problem.

Learn from consumer mobile apps, but always try to improve its functionality. Go deep to offer rich functionality and more complex features.

Every area of ​​your life does not need a mobile application. There is not much application in middle and back office services. Many industries, functions or processes will not benefit from it.

It is important to pay attention to governance issues. Every enterprise application deals with sensitive corporate information and should therefore have more knowledge of security and governance issues as the development process continues.

Do not make mobile applications similar to desktop apps, as there is a strong disconnect between both types of users.

The whole process is perfect for agile development platforms and methodologies. There are always short development cycles when they have ready-made development functions and distribute applications. Once you have feedback, tailor it to them when needed or when they change jobs.

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