Android is a versatile, customizable and open operating system. You might think that rooting is not something for you, but it can actually help you to a great extent. With very little work, a lot can be achieved. You may have heard bad things about rooting, but in some cases you might consider using it, especially if done by people who are aware of what to do. Some of the causes are:

1. Features and applications

Rooting helps you get the features you really want. There may be situations where an application may be blocked by different carriers or may not be able to enter or use system files. Rooting ensures compatibility of previously incompatible applications. Rooting allows you to do more with your gadget.

2. Automation

There are applications you can use to automate everything on the phone. If there is a root, then there is much more to explore. Some tasks require rooting, such as opening the screen, changing the speed of the CPU, changing the GPS and 3G. When you want to take advantage of all the benefits of some applications, rooting is all that is required.

3. Increase speed and battery life

There is much you need to do to increase battery life and speed up the phone even if you do not make it as root. However, if you make the root, you get much more power. There are applications that you can use overclock or under the clock to get more performance. You can also use other applications to keep some of the unused applications on hold.

4. Block ads in apps

Ads can be very annoying and actually use your data. If you want ads to be blocked on devices and in apps, rooting can actually be of great help. There are various options you can follow in case your phone is rooted.

5. Backup of transitions

You can back up applications and settings when you change devices or when the device is restored. In this way, it becomes easier to get setups. There are things that can be backed up without rooting.

6. Remove any pre-loaded wrap parts

The back-up is excellent and can remove battery drain and space waste products that are pre-installed on some phones today. This feature is only root. If your phone is rooted, all you have to do is freeze them to allow the phone to work as it should, and then delete them to free up space.

7. Tweaking dark corners

It's a great idea if you really like rooting, dealing with features. You can customize almost everything, including the layout of the keyboard, or you can speed up scrolling. You can make more than one job better.

Source Shalini Madhav


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