Why do entrepreneurs need to create a profit-making mobile app?

The main reason to create ‘Your Company’ mobile application is to increase sales. I will explain later what makes a business app so effective and we will also view its structure. Suffice it to say, a mobile app is another business tool that can be your additional income and marketing channel at the same time.

Who needs a mobile app for business:

– Restaurants, Cafes

Keep your restaurant or café full of people. Always. Let your customers reserve tables, order their favorite food to home, keep their discount card data in your iPhone App or Android App.

– Retail

Let people buy your goods from your app marketplace. It is easy to input credit card details in an app and after to set a big one-click-buy button. Learn customers’ preferences and sell more. Develop an app to get extra income.

– Salons

Have you ever seen iPhone, iPad or Android cell in your customers’ hands? If answer is ‘yes’ then why don’t you offer special deals by using these shiny devices? Create an app for your salon or barbershop and keep your stylists busy.

– Real Estate

What is about special application that will help realtors to sell more? If you are real estate agency or realtor then you definitely should use a mobile app as a sales assistant. Empower your service with iOS app or Android app that will offer clients the right property based on their requests. Make an app and get ready to improve your sales.

– Educational services

This is obvious that a mobile app for smartphones can make educational process easier and faster. Such devices as iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets and Android cell phones have become more popular than any laptop ever before. They are portable, light, intuitively easy to use and they are powerful enough to run great educational software. Build educational mobile apps that will make your clients smart and successful.

– Writers and Publishers

Create interactive books, magazines, tutorials and more. You will make your knowledge alive and get generous feedback from your readers. Publishers will have a great opportunity to sell more books right in pockets of their customers. Write. Spread. Educate. Sell.

– Inner automation

Time is the most valuable thing, isn’t it? Companies waste time by doing simple iterative work. Optimization of these repeated work will save you time and money, and mobile devices are here to help you with it.

To sum up, the list of companies isn’t full, because the real application of modern mobile devices is infinite. From promo apps to serious mobile automation software. It is very important to build efficient and effective apps from blueprint, because App Store and Google Play are overfilled with useless business apps. You should know that now is the time when small and medium-sized business can use a mobile app as another great tool for marketing and money making. It’s time to look at iPhones and Android cells as on great overcrowded markets which are full of potential customers. I think that is clear that you should start to extend your business presence beyond the WWW. Go Mobile!

What’s next?

In the next post we will discuss what makes business mobile app effective. We will also go through the powerful triggers and how they could be applied to mobile apps.

Source by Ivan Zaichuk


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