With so many app developers out there, it can be different for the newly released apps to achieve success with many getting lost in this busy market. With the high competition in this market, there are many developers that are concerned the marketing costs could be higher than the amount created by the app. But, with the right long-term strategies in place, there is a greater chance of promoting the app without using up the entire profit line.

Here are three useful tips to market the mobile app:

Social Media

Social media is an essential strategy to market the mobile app no matter the size of the business. By using social media in the right way, it is possible to improve on brand awareness and also becomes an effective tool for the app developer and user to communicate. The popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter make it really easy to connect with the app users. Plus, if a user isn’t happy about something related to the app, you really want to communicate away from the app store to minimize issues with negative reviews. You will have less control if the users only have the store to comment and talk about the app.

Ad networks

If you aren’t the most experienced at marketing you can rely on one of the ad companies that help to increase the traffic and revenue. These ad networks can promote your service via banners and other apps, which is certain to put your app in front of many more people on a daily basis. Even though the click-through rate on some of these networks can be in the region of 1%-1.5%, this is still enough to give the rankings and app store ratings a boost. Also, when searching for an ad network to use, make use it has the ability to target the ad to your particular audience. Try to avoid the more general services that aren’t able to match the specific needs.

Organic marketing

A further option includes organic marketing, but the most effective techniques to rank well can vary with the different app stores. For instance, to get optimum exposure in Apple’s App Store, it can benefit to use the ad-driven links. To improve the rankings in Google Play it helps to have a positive usage/download ratio. This is possible to achieve using push notifications which are types of benefits sent to users like discounts or extra lives in a game.

Source by Leo Eigenberg


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