T-Mobile, just two weeks after the launch of HTC Legend with Vodafone, is all set to roll-out the handset with its network.

Being one of the finest touch sensitive handset in its segment, HTC Legend is all set to hit the market once again, this time with T-Mobile. After Vodafone and Orange, T-Mobile would be the 3rd network operator in this league to pick-up this handset.

Originally, this handset was first spotted with the Vodafone a couple of weeks back, followed by its release with Orange. With T-Mobile, this handset would become more flexible in terms deals, as there would be more tariff plans to pick from.

HTC Legend is developed in the line of HTC made Google Nexus One handset. The handset also joins the line of recently launched HTC Desire Android phones. However, HTC Legend is a step below model and would easily fit anyone’s pocket with its 3.2 inch touch sensitive screen as compared to 3.7 inch AMOLED Desire’s screen.

Both Legend and Desire, manufactured from the house of HTC, comes with some common features like the latest Android operating system v2.1, 5 mega pixel camera with flash, friend stream software etc. Nonetheless, the most noticeable difference could be seen in the outlook of the HTC Legend as it is quite similar to HTC Hero.

T-Mobile, being the third network provider to pick-up this handset, recently stated that it is looking forward to roll it out in the near future. The entity is also planning to launch a SIM free phone along with Pay As You Go, which will definitely bring smiles on the faces not willing to commit any contract deal.

Source by Shan Polluk


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