Many consumers see iPhone 4S deals as expensive especially when the total price is worked out over the minimum term of the contract period which is usually either 24 or 18 months but Tesco have set out to change this.

Tesco Mobile have now launched 12 month deals for the iPhone 4S 16GB in black which will be music to the ears of those closely watching their expenditure, with a 12 month contract you will always pay a little more upfront but when calculated over the contract term these deals work out to be a lot less expensive than those on longer contract periods.

One of these new iPhone 4S deals will cost the consumer £35 per month for the line rental and an initial upfront price of £235 for the handset, this equates to £655 over the 12 month contract period which is a full £65 cheaper than the next best deal which is offered on the 3 Mobile network.

The 3 Mobile deal is actually for a free iPhone 4S at £30 per month but is on a 24 month contract, this equates to £720 over the two years. The Tesco deal includes 750 minutes, 5000 text messages (SMS) and a substantial 1GB of data whilst the 3 Mobile package offers only 300 minutes, the same volume of SMS but just 500MB of data.

There are pros and cons to both of these deals, the advantages of the Tesco Mobile deal are obvious with a minimum tie-in period, more minutes and data for your money and cheaper overall costs whilst the 3 Mobile deal may appeal to those who cannot afford an upfront payment for the phone.

Many consumers will also know that owning a mobile phone for a full two-year term can also throw up some difficulties, should something happen to the phone such as loss or breakage and there is no insurance to cover the handset then costs can spiral when having to replace the device.

This latest iPhone 4S deal offered by Tesco Mobile is currently the cheapest way to own the latest iPhone if you are willing to part with an upfront cost for the handset, many will be put off as Tesco is not seen as a major mobile network but in these times of austerity this may no longer be a deciding factor.

3 Mobile is also not the most trusted of network operators when buying a new phone, as the youngest of the five UK networks and complaints about customer service call centres based overseas consumers are wary and sometimes stick with what they know and trust.

Unfortunately, this Tesco Mobile deal is not currently available for the white edition of the iPhone 4S, this particular model has been experiencing stock issues with some of the major retailers for some time and in many cases has ended up being a more expensive option to settling for the black colour scheme.

In conclusion, buying an iPhone 4S with the Tesco deal mentioned above will no doubt save money for many consumers, not just in upfront costs but also on their monthly bills with the extra inclusive minutes and data.

Source by Susan Hargreaves


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