Every now and then, Motorola has launched one or the other mobile phones with latest technology to prove its efficiency in the manufacturing of communication devices. Motorola has now revealed the latest mobile phone VE 66 which is a brand new shiny slider phone. The novel VE 66 has emerged with a range of remarkable features. Some of these features are:

  • The handset has a feature of crystal talk for a better clarity of voice during the call. It has made a noticeable distinction in the intelligibility and articulacy of the talk even if the person is in a strident environment.
  • Another most fascinating feature of the Motorola VE 66 is that it has a fast scroll navigation wheel which is touch-sensitive. It enables the user to browse through content and menus with better and enhanced accuracy and speed.
  • The device has a camera of 5 mega pixels so that the user can capture the most memorable moments of life.
  • The phone has a 2.2 inch wide screen.
  • The gadget has a vast internal memory of 110 MB.
  • The handset also has an in built FM radio and an MP3 player that supports almost all formats of music files.
  • The adding of a subsequent microphone in Motorola VE 66 has enhanced its audio quality. It retains to lessen the noise in the environment.
  • Motorola VE 66 is the foremost in the world to have integration of widget on a mobile handset. It is this feature which makes it possible for the user to keep up a correspondence across the globe.
  • The latest Motorola VE 66 functions on Linux OS, Mont Vista and it sports a Free Scale 500 MHz processor of SCM-A11.
  • The device also supports a Bluetooth connectivity, slot for a micro SD card as well as WiFi also.
  • The phone also supports the recording of video at the resolution of QVGA.

The gadget will be presented in two adaptations. One will support the UMTS/3G whereas the other will be destined to be used as GSM in china.

Source by Faith Hill


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